Repurposed Vintage Bags

repurposed vintage bags by Atelier de l'Armée - LumberJac

You won’t find these re-purposed vintage bags by Atelier de l’Armée at your local army surplus store. Each bag is as unique as the story behind the old re-purposed military fabrics used to create these timeless pieces. Atelier de l’Armée handcrafts each bag in their Amsterdam studio using deadstock or vintage military work wear mixed with new materials such as raw denims and naked leathers. This mixture of virgin fabrics and vintage stained, stamped, marked and patched materials creates a line of bags that are visually stunning, functional, durable and 100% unique that age with grace. Atelier de l’Armée aims to operate in a zero waste philosophy, so each line of bags are completely dependent on the materials they can find from season to season.

Check out the available collection at Atelier de l’Armée’s online store.

Two repurposed vintage bags by Atelier de l'Armée - LumberJac