Artifox Desk o1

Prepare for increased efficiency with the Artifox Desk 01. The majority of the desks we use were conceived and designed when the quill pen was the hottest thing on the market. Our lives, tools, and our way of working have drastically changed, yet basic desk design has remained untouched. Artifox’s Desk 01 isn’t a complete revolution of the working desk, but rather a modification to match our technological lifestyle. For starters, there is a built-in white board to keep us focused during the flurry of daily notifications. It features a built-in docking station for you tablets, phones and notebooks. Below the table top is a compartment to store your wires, power bar, hard drive, or any other wired device. Adjustable feet were added to perfectly align to you and your chair. Each desk in hand made in the USA using solid Maple or Walnut, and designed to be assembled with ease. Don’t worry if you’re a lefty, Artifox not only provides a wood choice but gives you a choice of what side the white board is placed.

Available directly through Artifox’s online store.

Artifox-Desk-o1-detail - LumberJac