CAN-AM Outlander 1000x

CAN-AM Outlander 1000x - LumberJac

Nothing will hold back the CAN-AM Outlander 1000x. This machine may be specifically designed for tearing up the mud, but would be our first choice to hit the back country. Whether you’re forging through rivers, climbing hills or maundering some sketchy trail; the Outlander 1000x will pretty much guarantee your arrival. You won’t need to worry about getting stuck anywhere cause’ this Outlander is packed full of re-designed features and comes loaded with a 82-hp Rotax 1000 v-Twin engine with a continuously variable transmission. Basically you’ll have enough power and toque to get out of any hole, and you’ll always be in the right gear regardless the situation. Due to the relocated radiator and reconfigured air box you won’t have to worry about submerging your Outlander in those deep pools. If and when you do get stuck, this beast comes with a factory installed 3,000 lb capacity winch. Your gear will also stay dry as there is a huge 5.7-gallon water resistant rear storage that’s located below the main rear cargo rack.

Build and price your Outlander directly through CAM-AM.

CAN-AM Outlander 1000x back - LumberJacCAN-AM Outlander 1000x front - LumberJacCAN-AM Outlander 1000x storage - LumberJac