Arcade Belt Summer Collection

Arcade Belts - LumberJac

The devotion continues with the Arcade Belt Summer Collection. Arcade belts have been a fan-favourite here at LumberJac. Arcade continues to grow adding individuality and new materials to a quality tested all-around kick ass belt (see our Arcade belt review). New this summer, they’ve added materials such as 100% full grain leather, new colorways like camo and blackwood, as well as wide a variety of styles. Since Arcade’s inception, they’ve come a long way growing from three dudes hand sewing their belts in their living room, to a company that is proud to maintain their roots based on quality, durability, comfort and handcrafted style. Don’t let their company growth fool you, we can assure that their products are top notch, and good bang for your buck.

Stay hooked up this summer and get yours at Arcade’s online store.

The Blackwood Belt - LumberJac

The Captain Hybrid - LumberJac

The Sierra Camo - LumberJac