Giro Empire Mountain Bike Shoe

Giro Empire MTB Shoes - LumberJac

There is nothing limiting about the limited edition Giro Empire Mountain Bike Shoe. I’ve always been a fan of lace-up MTB shoes. I just recently switched over to velco/latch stye shoes, however, nothing fits like a lace-up. The Giro Empire MTB bike shoe is one sick looking shoe that features a one-piece upper made of Tejin microfiber. This not only reduces weight, but increases breathability for those long hot climbs. The outsole further includes unidirectional carbon fiber construction creating a great stiffness-to-weight ratio. Giro isn’t a spring chicken when it comes to great biking gear, there’s a reason we see some of the best riders in the world sporting them.

Hurry before they are gone! Available at or Amazon.

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