Tactical MUT EOD Multi-tool

Tactical-MUT-EOD-Multi-tool-1 - LumberJac

The Tactical MUT EOD Multi-tool by Leatherman has your back. In a market full of competition, the MUT EOD rises to the top, especially when you’re under the gun to accomplish your task. This is no ordinary run-of-the-mill multi-tool, the MUT EOD was designed for tactical military applications. We realize not everyone’s out in the field planting C4, but the MUT EOD should not be overlooked for civilian outdoor applications. Like every other multi-tool it features needle nose pliers, wire cutters, combo knife, saw, bottle opener and large bit screw driver. What separates this tool from the rest of the pack is the quick outside-accessible tools allowing for one-hand operations…no more unfolding the whole thing to access the knife or a tool. Another must have is the emergency cutting hook which feature replaceable blades. If you’re looking for tactical tools, the MUT EOD contains military spec crimpers, electrical crimpers, bolt override tool, #8-32 cleaning rod/brush adapter and replaceable C4 punch and bronze carbon scraper. You’ll also be backed by Leatherman’s craftsmanship and their 25 year tool guarantee.

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