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PERCIVAL Shaving Brush


Long live the PERCIVAL Shaving Brush. With our recent review of the Standard Razor, it made us think of what would be the perfect shaving brush that could join the executive ranks. Portland General Store have come up with a beautifully sculpted masterpiece that combines timeless design with some of the most stunning locally sourced exotic woods. Made in the USA (in the Ozarks), each brush is carefully handcrafted using some of the best synthetic silvertip (as a real silvertip brush owner, I wonder how this compares?) they could get their hands on. Named in honor of the one-time governor of Maine who helped to protect thousands of acres around the peak of Mount Katahdin, the PERCIVAL shaving brush will leave an everlasting impression.

Available in three different woods, Cocobolo, Bocote or two-tone wood, pick yours up at Portland General Online Store.