Glerups Wool Boots


Keep all your toes toastie with a pair of Glerups Wool Boots. This crazy winter weather we’ve been experiencing has made us mildly obsessed with finding the best cold weather products. Glerups aren’t new to our lumberjack household, we got our first pair last Christmas and now the whole family wears them. Why do we love them? First, they’re well made. I wear my Glerups everyday and they look almost as good as the first day I put them on. Second, these boots are super comfy and exceptionally warm, even on icy tile at the cabin. Third, the use of 100% natural wool for the uppers, and grippy calfskin for the soles. Living in a society where cheap and disposable products are all too common, it’s so refreshing to wear a product that is well made with quality materials, care and consideration that I know will last years.

The only decision left is to choose a color at Glerups’ online store or at