Hedon Hedonist FRKNSTN Helmet


A discerning monster is born with the Hedon Hedonist FRKNSTN Helmet. If you’re looking for a motorcycle helmet this spring and you want something that has some serious sick style, than you might want to slip on a Hedon Hedonist FRKNSTN helmet. First off, the FRNSTN helmet is truly no monster. With its unfinished look it creates a wicked looking texture that I’ve never seen before. Handcrafted using a mixture of Composite fiber shell of carbon fiberglass and carbon molded with fireproof Vermiculite fibers, the Hedonist helmet features brass details, a wide variety of finishes, and is combined with Merlin anti-bacterial fabric with natural calf leather trim and lining. Hedon’s constant search for hedonism brings to life an unconventional protective headgear that is nothing less than pure art.

Available in numerous styles order yours at Hedon’s online store.