Papa Bear Chair


Goldilocks never knew what she was missing with the Papa Bear Chair. With fathers day past, I unfortunately wasn’t gifted one of these classics, but then again, you never know what’s on my wife’s radar.  Designed by Hans J. Wagner, an all-time fav’ of ours, the Papa Bear Chair is one of his most popular designs from the 50’s. Handcrafted in the USA (Los Angeles, CA), Modernica has been producing this enduring classic for over two decades to the exact specs set by Hans Wagner himself. That says a lot, because there are so many bad posers out there. Made from over 50 fabric choices and legs /arm pads made from Solid North American walnut, no details are overlooked in this timeless piece. Start saving, because these would look pretty sweet as a pair.

Come to papa and get yours via Modernica’s online store.