CSYS Clamp Desk Light

CSYS-Clamp - LumberJac

The CSYS Clamp Desk Light brings light to you in its simplest form. This lamp addresses the problem of not having enough space to place your light. The CSYS Clamp Desk LED Light by Jake Dyson is a brilliant iteration of CSYS task light, but with one slight modification, a sexy clamp (how often do you put those two words together?).  The CSYS Clamp Desk Light combines nothing but pure forms made out of aluminum with high tech features such as touch sensitive dimming, and light level memory that is no less than visually stunning. We also can’t forget that the CSYS employes an impressive high performance LED light that will last up to 37+ years at 12 hours a day. You gotta dig LED’s. If you’re like us and your desk sometimes resembles a natural disaster, your furniture and lighting doesn’t need to reflect that.

Available in black or silver, order yours at Jake Dyson’s online store.

CSYS-Clamp-silver- LumberJac


CSYS-Clamp-sliver-clamp- LumberJac