Moji Lantern

Let the Moji Lantern guide the way. Size definitely doesn’t get in the way of Moji’s confidence to brighten their surroundings. This pocket sized lantern by Black Diamond emits a whooping 100 lumens from one TriplePower LED with a range of about 6 meters. I was initially impressed with the compact size and the collapsible double-hook hang loop, but once I flipped the switch I was blown away with how much light this little lantern produces, and the unique dimming feature that allows you to adjust the brightness using the same on/off button. It’s rated with a run time of 70 minutes and takes three AAA batteries. Don’t expect to be able to submerge this lantern in a lake, but it is water resistance and could easily withstand a non-stop rainstorm.

Choose from three colors and available through REI or Amazon.

Black Diamond Moji LanternBlack Diamond Moji Lantern