Trim Denim Shirts

Introducing the Trim Collection, a denim shirt that fits like a glove. If you can’t find it, make it yourself, at least that’s the approach Trim has taken in their pursuit of the perfect shirt. I do have to agree, most denim shirts are either overly baggy or straight cylinder, swallowing your frame completely behind a denim curtain. Trim has incorporated three principles is their line of denim shirts, fit, function, and fashion. Their shirts are designed with extra space in the chest and shoulder area, but are tapered through the waist. The fabrics include a healthy dose of stretch, giving you the appropriate amount of flexibility to move throughout the day. Each shirt is hand sewn in Los Angeles and backed with an insane 5-year exchange policy. Trim has recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign and is now in the process of shipping.

Choose from three styles and available directly from Trim.

Trim Denim ShirtTrim Denim ShirtTrim Denim Shirt