STACT Modular Wine Rack


The STACT Modular Wine Rack inspires more than great conversation, it gives art installation an entirely new meaning. Ever since I’ve traveled to Spain and Portugal I’ve become a little hooked on wine. Lately gin and tonic has become by poison, but there is nothing like a bottle of Pinot Grigio to enjoy with a great meal. I’m not one to have many bottles on hand, so that’s where the STACT Wall-mounted Modular Wine Rack System is the perfect solution. The STACT modular system is an customizable wine rack that fits any lifestyle perfectly. Made in a variety of finishes, such as American Walnut, Electric Orange, White Oak, Gunmetal Grey, Piano Black and Pure White; and finished off with anodized aluminum hardware. The combinations are endless. Designed by Eric Pfeiffer of San Francisco, the STACT is one of the best designs we’ve seen in a while that will forever enlighten the space it is in.

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