Spliners Wooden Cars


Simplicity isn’t playing around with the Spliners Wooden Cars, or is it? As most designers would agree (at least my friends), car design is on the top of their bucket list. I’m not sure what lures people like us in, but there’s an aura about it that is truly fascinating. The Spliners by Maarten Olden showcase the true meaning of simplistic design. This masterful collection of curves and shapes make up this toy car collection. Made in Amsterdam by Goochem Speelgoed, these wooden art pieces are produced from solid ash-wood with tires of thermo-plastic rubber. Each car measures 22 x 14 x 8 cm. So whether you’re a true lover of car design or not, these are some fantastic cars that won’t blow a gasket if your two-year-old decides to take it for a test drive.

Available in 4 designs at Spliners online store.