Type 75 Desk Lamp – Paul Smith – Edition Two


The Collaboration continues with the Type 75 Desk Lamp – Paul Smith – Edition Two. Autumn is in the air, and leave it to Paul Smith and Anglepoise to take advantage of mother nature’s color coordination. The Type 75 Desk Lamp instills modernity and a breath of fresh air into classic design. The first stab at the lamp utilized vibrant colors like fuchsia and lime, while the second edition employs rich fall colors and deep jewel tones. Fabricated with an aluminum shade and arms that are held together with stainless steel fittings that sits on an aluminum covered cast iron base. Designed by Sir Kenneth Grande, this lamp and its 1970’s inspiration of the classic Anglepoise Apex 90 is a natural fit with the bold coloration that Paul Smith is known for, making it great for any office environment, living room, or bedroom.

Embrace Fall and get yours at Anglepoise.