Pierrepont Hicks Backgammon Set

A game that never goes out of style, meet the Pierrepont Hicks Backgammon Set. No software update needed to play this game, just skill and experience. Believed to originate around the 3rd millennium B.C., Backgammon is one of the oldest board games that will long outlive any game that requires in-app purchases. The Pierrepont Hicks Backgammon set is hand crafted in the USA by skilled artisans who honor and respect this ago old game. The wood components are hand picked from lumberyards to ensure strength and durability, while the cork is sourced from Portugal and sealed with a proprietary lacquer. The dice and checkers are made from high quality resin and are unmatched in weight and sound.

Each set is made to order and available directly from PH.

Pierrepont Hicks Backgammon SetPierrepont Hicks Backgammon SetPierrepont Hicks Backgammon Set