Norrom Aquarium

Finally, an aquarium that’s functional and beautifully designed…let us give the Norrom Aquarium a warm welcome.

If there’s an industry that hasn’t seen any evolution in design since its inception, it’s the aquarium. The traditional aquarium/fish tank starts with a simple glass box, then it goes down hill from there. How in the world can you screw up a beautifully designed glass box? As much as we like geometric shapes and glass boxes, they aren’t exactly that functional for an organic substance like water that needs to freely flow. Not to mention, you almost need a PhD to clean those algae infested corners.

The Norrom is a Swedish design that not only looks amazing, it’s functional and made responsibly. It’s a 4oL freshwater aquarium that utilizes a cylinder style design and a revolutionary system that houses and hides the pump, filtration, lighting and cables in the sunken base. The cylinder design provides optimal and equal viewing at all angles, and is precision machined in the UK from strong crystal clear acrylic glass. The unique base design is also home to the advanced lighting system that projects a 500 lumens LED light through and up the diffusing bubble tube to the lid where the light is strategically reflected back into the water surface. If the minimal design wasn’t enough, the Norrom can be customized to your interior with your choice of wood finishes and colors.

Get your revolutionary aquarium directly from Norrom.

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