Shimano MW7 Winter Bike Shoes

The Shimano MW7 Winter Shoes will keep you riding year round regardless what mother nature throws your way. One the worst parts of riding in the shoulder seasons or in the dead of winter is wet cold feet that never dry. Multiple layers of socks and over-sized shoes to keep the cold at bay are a thing of the past, thanks to these new Shimano MW7 shoes. They’re strong and built to last, are actually comfortable and above all, insulated for those deep freeze mornings and are 100% waterproof thanks to the GORE-TEX liner. You also won’t be struggling to get these shoes laced up, as they feature a quick lacing system and a high cut lace shield for long lasting protection. For all you downhill riders, you can look forward to the Torsional midsole that will give you more stability and natural flow for downhill descents. The outsole is crafted from rubber which will improve grip in wet and slippery conditions, and for those times you have to carry your bike.

Time to lace up and get yours directly from Amazon.

Shimano MW7 Winter Bike Shoes 1 LumberJac.jpgShimano MW7 Winter Bike Shoes 1 LumberJac.jpg