Cotswold Aquarius Midi Pathfinder Tackle Carryall


The future of angling is now with the Cotswold Aquarius Midi Pathfinder Tackle Carryall. With a couple remaining months of winter, there is no better time to start preparing for the fishing season. If you’re tired of a less-than-adequate tackle bag and are searching for a quality bag fit for the 21st century than look no further. Cotswold Aquarius, a top quality innovative luggage maker established themselves in 1993 within the angling world, have grown to be one of the best manufactures of outdoor sporting pursuits. The Midi Pathfinder is one of many within their woodland camouflage range featuring an abundance of exceptional designs. Made for the overnight angler, the tackle bag is made up of many new and practical features such as Gladstone easy access opening system, large top flap that covers the main body that incorporates an easy access zipped pocket ready for any permits and lots of convenient internal/external pouches, and pockets that are padded and lined. Cotswold Aquarius has further jacked up the innovation by including designs such as fold down wipe clean mat and a top flap retaining hook for easy opening and closing. With a focus on traditional old fashioned quality and craftsmanship, Costwold Aquarius sets itself apart from the rest keeping design and production in Great Britain instead of the far east like so many others have done.

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