VJEMY Landscape Serving Boards


Take in the VJEMY Landscape Serving Boards, an inspirational setting for great food. As we know, great food goes hand-in-hand with great presentation. VJEMY Landscape Serving Boards embodies this philosophy to the fullest. Handmade in a small workshop based in Prague, Czech Republic, the serving boards also transform 3D terrain into 2D worlds. Made from walnut and ash veneer inlays, the awe inspiring geometric textures sit on a beech base. Six small boards (20 x 20 cm), when placed side-by-side make up a mountain range. A large separate board (30 x 30 cm) displays a top view of that same range. Finished off with a bio wood stain, 4 steel bars are inserted into the bottom side. VJEMY, a design architectural studio comprised of brothers Adam and Samuel Cigler and Světlana Koženova, work to provide great products to those who have an unquenchable appetite for great design.

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