Backcountry Shovel

The all-in-one Backcountry Shovel will get you out of any situation. Maybe you’re stuck in the mud, maybe you need to break through a door, maybe you need to start a fire, maybe you need to cut down a tree, maybe you need to open a bottle of beer, or maybe you just need to dig a giant hole. Whatever your situation, this emergency Backcountry Shovel has your back. It comes packed with a multi-functional handle and blade that can be used as an axe, hoe, saw, hammer, rescue knife, wire cutter, bottle opener, fire starter, whistle, glass breaker, and of course, a shovel. The shovel blade is crafted from a super durable Hi-Carbon stainless steel while the handles are made from an aerospace grade aluminum, treated with an anodic oxidation technology. Don’t worry about lugging this bulky shovel in your backpack as it unscrews and neatly packs into a 9 x 9 pouch.

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Backcountry ShovelBackcountry ShovelBackcountry Shovel