Jasper Shoes

Treat your feet to a pair of Jaspers by Keen. Wearing through a pair of Keen’s a couple years ago, I have to say they were one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. Aiming to continue that trend, these new Jaspers look like a perfect addition to my hiking collection. They strike a fine balance between being rugged enough for the trail but light and comfortable enough for the stroll into work. The Jasper Rocks features climbing inspired suede leather uppers, classic variegated laces and a cork footbed that literally conforms to your feet. Whether it’s a day on the trail or pounding the pavement till dawn, the precise Keen fit will guarantee full-day comfort for all your adventures.

Size up a pair of Jasper Rocks or Jaspers directly from Keen Footwear.

Jasper Rocks by KeenJasper shoes by KeenJasper shoes by Keen