Road Trip Roof Top Tent


Pack your bags for Road Trip Roof Top Tent time. Roof top tents have become ingrained in the camping road trip almost to the point where they may soon be the norm. As they become more prevalent, the design and fabrication becomes better and better. Enter the Road Tip Roof Top Tent by ikamper, one wicked innovative design that takes full advantage of its sleek shape to shed water and resist wind. In addition to the tent, you can get an awesome all weather annex. The annex is unlike any other, incorporating a U shaped pole which allows water to spill down the roof, easier set up/take down and great wind resistance. Another great feature of the Road Trip the built in cover. Like a suitcase, the cover unzips revealing the tent and thus never needs to be removed. The tent material is made in Korea of 3000mm AP coated Poly Rip Stop Fabric and sewn locally by expert craftsmen. The aluminum honeycomb floor and stainless steel/aluminum components all work together to create an incredible strong, fireproof and flexible construction. Available in three sizes and with sky view (two large size roof windows) it’ll make you wish you left for your road trip sooner.

Pre-order yours directly from ikamper.