The FJ Company


Whether you take it in, on or around the hills, you choose your own adventure with The FJ Company. If you haven’t experience an FJ then you don’t know what you’re missing. FJ’s have been around since the 50’s, laying down a path of 4×4 history. As Japan’s solution to America’s Jeep, they ripped apart their foe, studied it and perfected it. The end result is one damn fine, bomb-proof off-road beast that cements its history as one of the most reliable, long lasting and indestructible go anywhere trucks. It has built up an enthusiastic following that is shared by the FJ Company, enough so that they started a full on restoration/custom shop dedicated to getting you FJ of your liking. Built to honor the past, some say it might be even better than the original. The FJ Company offers up 4 build types to choose from; Classic (1980 FJ40), California (Early 1970’s FJ40), Sport (1980’s FJ40) and full on custom (any model from 1959 to 1984). The FJ40 adventure allows you to custom select gear that best fit your budget and driving needs. With models ranging from 59-84, totally redone engine, chassis and interior, The FJ Company holds back nothing, tailoring everything to make it a joy to drive.

Start your journey and visit the FJ Company to pick an FJ40 custom build of your liking.