Upland Edition Hunter Shirt

Take aim with the Upland Edition Hunter Shirt by Ball and Buck. We’re not hunters (the closest we get to hunting is a fly and rod) but even if you don’t have a buck in your sights, this Upland Edition shirt is perfect for any type of outdoor adventure. Crafted and hand sewn in Boston from heavy duck 10oz canvas cloth, the same military canvas specs used in WWII. It’s super durable, abrasion resistant, mildew resistant and water repellant. This tailored-fit design features a reinforced blaze orange shooting shoulder, double reinforced elbow patches, blaze inner cuffs and American made buttons.

Available exclusively from Ball and Buck.

Ball and Buck Upland Edition Hunter Shirt 1 LumberJac.jpgBall and Buck Upland Edition Hunter Shirt 1 LumberJac.jpg