Voltaire Coffee Grinder

Perfect grind every time with the Voltaire Coffee Grinder. An impeccable cup of coffee always starts with fresh beans, but no matter how fresh the beans, it can be easily botched with an improper grind. The Voltaire is a high-performance portable grinder designed to give you the perfect grind time after time. Crafted with conical ceramic burrs, often found in large commercial grinders, which provide consistent and reliable grind size, long-lasting precision grinds and less heat retention. The direct bean drop ensures every bean is ground consistently and also minimizes heat buildup which is usually the cause of flavor loss in typical hand-held coffee grinders. The Voltaire also features a step less adjustment collar and a bean brain that detects bean freshness and remaining serving quantity, and can reorder beans directly through the Voltaire App. Perfect for the home or the backcountry basecamp, the Voltaire will easily provide consistent grinding for up to 3 weeks.

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Voltaire Coffee GrinderVoltaire Coffee GrinderVoltaire Coffee GrinderVoltaire Coffee Grinder