Bandit9 Eve Liquid Black

The veil has been lifted on the Bandit9 Eve Liquid Black. This bike could just as easily be parked inside an art gallery rather than the makeshift motorbike spots. The stunning ultra-minimal black-on-black reflective chrome body seamlessly and black denim seat beautifully contrast the stark chrome engine, shocks and wheels. The level of detail is impeccable and is revealed through the handcrafted steel unibody, exhaust and custom brake light and speedometer. It features dual shock rear suspension, inverted front suspension, and a sand casted swing arm. Built on a Honda Supersport 125cc, it’s not a speed demon (nor needs to be). This amazing bike is limited to only 9 units, but the cost includes door-to-door shipping. You may want to risk riding this bike without plates as they will surely harsh the beauty.

For more information and ordering details check out Bandit9.

Bandit9 Eve Liquid Black Cafe RacerBandit9 Eve Liquid Black Cafe RacerBandit9 Eve Liquid Black Cafe Racer