All In Multitool LmberJac

All In Multitool

The bike tool takes a revolutionary step forward with the All In Multitool. It seems that whenever we go out for a ride, we often leave tools in the truck that are needed on the trail. It could be partly because we like to travel as light as possible or that we’re forgetful. Whatever the case, it can leave us depending on our bro’s for help. That is about to change. The All In Multitool is one slick tool that conveniently stores within your hollow bottom bracket. How cool is that? Locked in with seven high resistance neodymium magnets, the All In Multitool includes four Allen keys, from size 3mm to 6mm, a T25 Torx and a #1 Phillips screw bit. Unfortunately, there is no chain tool, but to their credit, they are dedicated to selling a fabulous tool and not another gimmick like so many out there—but stay tuned as they are working on it. Made completely in Italy, the All In Multitool weights in at 80grams without bits and 115grams with bits. If you’re all in on the trail, then make sure you take this All In Multitool for a spin. It will keep you rolling as if it wasn’t there.

Choose between six colors directly from All In Multitool’s site.

All In Multitool LmberJac All In Multitool LmberJac All In Multitool LmberJac