Teva Fuse-Ion Water Shoe

Teva Fuse-Ion water shoe

Caution, these Teva Fuse-Ion Water shoes are sticky when wet. Perfect for kayaking, sailing, fishing from the rocks, or any water-based sports. I would even use these as my daily commuters if I lived in Vancouver or Seattle, those old cobble stone roads aren’t the easiest to maneuver in the rain. These Tevas are made with a Spider Rubber plus JStep outsole that is sticky as hell. Shouldn’t be a problem on those wet logs, slimy rocks or those grease-covered aluminum ramps you scale on your way to work. You’ll also stay dry cause’ Teva uses an ion-mask technology that prevents water absorbing into the shoe at a molecular level. That’s some serious technology they’ve got going on! All we know is that they work, and they don’t burn your eyes to look at. Pick up a pair.