Grizzly Cooler

Grizzly 60 Cooler

There is nothing I hate more than opening my cooler to discover that my perishables have become back-country soup. I’ve owned my fair-share of coolers, and most have disappointed. The Grizzly Cooler is designed and developed in the United States by Iowa Rotocast Plastic (IRP), and they have made a cooler that has achieved a grizzly-bear top rating (minus the bad breath and razor-sharp nails), and stays cold well beyond the competition, 19 days to be exact. Although I would argue the cooler stays cold for 7 days with constant opening (gotta get those beers out some how), this far exceeds the longevity of any cooler I’ve used. Although I personally won’t be stuffing a dead carcass into mine, I can be sure that all my man-camping goodies will be as fresh as a winter’s day. The price tag is as deep as the cooler, but with a lifetime guarantee, I argue it’s worth it. Pick one up here or on Amazon.