The Bowlus Road Chief Trailer

Bowlus Road Chief Trailer

The Bowlus Road Chief Trailer will once again see the light of day. The Trailer was originally designed and manufactured in 1934 by Hawley Bowlus, an instrumental figure in the construction of Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis. This interest in aircraft construction and design led him to design the first all aluminum riveted travel trailer. After only producing eight trailers, Hawley eventually had to shut his doors to this revolutionary trailer business due to the Great Depression. Two years later a company called Airstream launched their Road Chief look-a-like, and have been successful ever since. Today, the Bowlus Road Chief brand and design is now being re-launched by designer John Long.

The Road Chief is just as amazing today as it was in 1934. Not only has the Road Chief been restored to the original design, but has been updated with today’s essential amenities and technologies. In 1934 this trailer was the most aerodynamic trailer on the market, and it continues to hold this title today. Gas mileage wasn’t much of a concern in the 30’s, but means the world to our market. This handcrafted, polished aircraft-grade aluminum will definitely last for lifetimes of adventure. Reserve yours today.