Kinetic Vest

Kinetic Vest -

Control your temperature on the fly with the Kinetic Vest. With the simple turn of a dial, you can lower the insulation level or completely deflate the Kinetic Vest. This remarkable vest not only allows you to control your temperature, but is lighter, thinner, and insulates 3 times better than the traditional insulation methods found in other vests. Klymit’s insulation secret is argon gas. Why argon gas? It does not fluctuate when the outside temperature varies, it’s thicker resulting in less heat loss, and 1 mm of argon is equivalent to 3 mm of traditional insulation. This ultra-efficient gas insulation is pumped into the vest champers on the fly, and as needed. You’ll never have to worry about losing your vest loft as you can easily inflate. The Kinetic Vest is also windproof, and even continues to insulate when wet or soaked. Check out the Kinetic Vest here.