Catlike Mixino Bike Helmet

CatLike Mixino Helmet

Introducing new for 2014 the Catlike Mixino Bike Helmet, crash protection like you’ve never seen before. I remember back in the day when helmets were just being introduced. In fact, I remember when they were just simple stripes of padding. My first helmet was a Simpson that I personalized with a bunch of band/bike stickers. It wasn’t a thing of beauty, but at the time it did the trick. Oh, how things have changed! Helmets are now getting lighter and lighter, more airier, and stronger. Catlike latest addition, the Mixino, combines all new ARC (Aramid Roll Cage) that combines high-tech materials that are highly used in aerospace and ballistic applications.  Add in 39 air intakes, an exclusive Dualflow design (which makes the airflow constant inside the helmet) and you’ve got one pimped out helmet to be reckoned with. We have always liked Catlike’s unique design, add in their multiple exclusive features and you have one serious contender. Be the first and get em here.