Ratio Coffee Machine

Ratio Coffee Machine - LumberJac

Retire that old coffee maker you received in University and pony up for the new Ratio Coffee Machine. You may pick-up a good cup of coffee on your way to work, but why settle for anything less when you’re at home? The Ratio is based on the manual brewing process, sans the extensive ritual. It delivers the same flavorful coffee you get from manual brewing, but you’ll get that consistent perfect cup day after day. Beneath the hand assembled die cast nickel and walnut finishes contains some precise brewing equipment that consistently showers the coffee grounds at the ideal water temperature of ~200 degrees to create the perfect bloom. It doesn’t matter if you’re brewing one cup or a full pot, the systems adjusts the brewing time and bloom level accordingly to your water level. The Ratio may not make the full 10-12 cups of coffee you’re old machine makes, but let’s be honest, how good are those last cups of coffee?

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