Lamy Dialog 3

The Lamy Dialog will inspire you to bring back the long lost art of penmanship. How many times have you written or received a letter in the last 5 years?…I’m guessing that’s pretty much a zero. It’s unfortunate the fine art of penmanship is literally dead, but if your really want to get someone’s attention in today’s market, write them a letter. Even if you’re not up to reviving the past, the Lamy Dialog Fountain is one of the most impressive pens, perfect for taking notes and sketching. The Dialog is as revolutionary as when the fountain pen was first introduced. It features a twist mechanism that automatically reveals the nib, and retracts when not in use. This cap not only keeps the nib hidden, it protects from any ink rub or leakage and helps reduce the tip and ink from drying. Winner of the Red Dot award, this smooth writing pen makes for an essential EDC.

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Lamy Dialog 3 Fountain PenLamy Dialog 3 Fountain Pen