Cammo Mercer Shoes

Cammo Mercer Shoes - LumberJac

Who says your dress shoes need to be black. Meet the Cammo Mercer, anything but typical. The shape and cut is pretty much standard oxford style with the exception of the obvious green-on-green camo print, and an impressive laser cut ventilation pattern. The rest of the shoe is made with a plethora of leather. The outer layer is crafted from a Saffian embossed full-grain leather, the inner lining is smooth pigskin, the heel detail is a raw un-dyed Vachetta leather, and the outsole is made from layered stacked leather and cushioning EVA. The craftsmanship does not go unnoticed as each pair of shoe is skillfully handcrafted, then thoroughly inspected before the Thorocraft signature copper rivet seal of approval is placed.

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