Silky PocketBoy Saw

Silky PocketBoy Saw - LumberJac

One essential survival saw that fits in your pocket, say hello to the Silky PocketBoy Saw. You can also say good-bye to those tiny useless blades you get with your Swiss army knife, or those three fold triangle saws that are always too clunky to pack. This pocket foldable saw is the perfect camping/adventure companion. It’s compact, lightweight, razor sharp; and also includes a two-position lockable blade and a non-slip rubberized handle. Silky blades are made with a unique alloy steel that is impulse hardened, making them extremely strong and long lasting. Eventually that long lived blade will show a dull edge, fortunately the Silky Pocket Saw has an interchangeable blade feature so you’ll always be ready with a fresh sharp blade. Silky has decades of proven quality and cutting efficiency, and is the go-to arborist brand for its durability and fast cutting speed.

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