Double O Bike Light

Double O Bike Light - LumberJac

Streamline your night rides with a Double O Bike Light. From the designer of the Vamp (wireless speaker converter), Paul Cocksedge it hitting kickstarter with another stylish product that will simplify your nightly commutes. The Double O is a minimal LED bike light set that magnetically attaches to the front and back of your bike. Gone are the days of fixed bike lights, the Double O is as portable as you are, and even doubles as a flash light pre and post rides. When not in use, the Double O’s stick together to protect the light faces, then securely tethered to your bike lock for safe storage. These lights are waterproof and made with a polycarbonate shell, silicone backing, and super strong neodymium-grade magnets. Don’t worry about these lights falling off during city commuting as they’ve been extensively tested, although your x-country rides may be a whole different story. The lights have three modes and will pump out a maximum of 80 lumens in the front, and 45 lumens in the back.

Pre-order and support the Double O Kickstarter campaign here.