Turtleback Off-road Trailer

Turtleback Off-road Trailer LumberJac

Take your home with you anywhere and everywhere with the Turtleback off road trailer. Back country camping is one thing, but if you’re like us and enjoy roughing it the easy way, than you might want to consider gettin’ one of these sweet full featured camping units. Made entirely in the USA, Turtleback off road trailers feature an expansive set of expedition inspired items such as a bomb proof steel main frame with cnc machined components. On top sits a stainless steel full kitchen, easily rivaling some of the best kitchens out there. A 42 gallon fresh water tank with a commercial grade water pump and a LPG water heater round out the plumbing. With a 50 cu ft built in storage, there’s enough storage for everything you need, and it’s finished off in birch. Each unit is handmade and can be easily customization to fit your desired adventure. If you’re as enthusiastic as owner and creator Dave Munsterman is about camping, than you’ll appreciate the level of detail he brings into each and each trailer making sure every adventure you choose will include a home on your back.

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Turtleback Off-road Trailer 1 LumberJac

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