Rockshox RS1 Inverted Fork

Get up to speed with the all-new Rockshox RS1 Inverted Fork. Rockshox has been an all time fav’ of ours here at LumberJac. They’ve been innovating the world of mountain bike shocks for over 3 decades, and they never seam to miss a bump. Heck, I still have my original Rock Shock mags mounted on my Fat Chance in the basement reminding me of the days when any kind of travel was a luxury rather than a necessity. Fast forward to today, and you won’t find a serious off road beast without one. Oh, how things have changed! The RS1 is the latest fork to come out of  Rockshox and it features an integrated steerer tube with crown legs attached to a single carbon mainframe. Built for 29ers, the Rockshox is lightweight and designed for the race-minded, yet equally ready for the trail seeking junkie.

Available this summer from your local dealer at a staggering $1865US.