Cast & Crew Custom Bertoia Diamond Chair

Bertoia Diamond Chair - LumberJac

An authentic restoration comes to life with the Cast & Crew Custom Bertoia Diamond Chair. There is nothing more aggravating than seeing a timeless classics waste away. I’ve seen my fair share of vintage furniture that has taken a beating, but thank goodness for companies like Cast & Crew who restore these classics to their previous glory. Rescued from an outdoor environment, the Bertoia Diamond Chair was defaced with spray paint and some unsightly surface rust (thank goodness no structural damage had occurred). Cast and Crew completely tore the chair down, replaced all hardware, and finished it with a high gloss slate grey powder coated seat and a one-of-a-kind Marfa Red Neon base. Perfect for in or outdoors, this 100% vintage chair is a stunning tribute to the original, and the team at Cast & Crew have a terrific eye for finding that diamond in the rough.

Check out their other vintage restorations or just pick yours up at their Cast & Crew’s online store.

Bertoia Diamond Chair Detail - LumberJac


Bertoia Diamond Chair Detail - LumberJac

Bertoia Diamond Chair Details - LumberJac