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The Rascal Leather Motorcycle Pants take on a classic has helped them to create an identity of their own. When we think of leather pants the first thing that often pops into our minds is an image from the eighties. Although eighties bikes are back in, like our favourite cafe racers, there is no reason to dress like a bad eighties retro party. Elsolitario (a Spanish company), has done their homework and created a motorcycle pant that is based on a two year study on historical racing patterns, countless hours of researching material, fit, and wear; and to top it all off, comprehensive rider analysis. Now if that isn’t dedication, than I don’t know what is. The Rascal Leather Motorcycle Pants are some seriously tough pants. These pants are made using durable 3 ounce, 1.4 mm Top Grain Nappa Leather carefully tanned in Italy. Renowned for its softness and lightness, this highly supple leather combines a natural water repellant, all while remaining breathable; perfect for year round riding gear (maybe not for us cold northern folk). Hand sewn, the Rascal pants combine a cotton interior plaid liner with subtle padding. They are finished off with cowhide leather suspenders and YKK zippers. There is no end to the countless features of these pants, but I wouldn’t expect any less with the dedication that Elsolitario has poured into this slim cut contemporary masterpiece.

Available in tan or black, get yours at Elsolitario’s online store.

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