Smith Overtake Helmet

Smith-Overtake-Helmet-1 - LumberJac

Take a peak at the brand spanking new Smith Overtake Helmet. Smith Optics made a successful entry into the helmet market last year with their Mountain Biking Forefront helmet, this year they’re stepping up to the plate to compete in the road riding market. There’s some fierce competitors in this market, but Smith has the technology that just might win you over. For starters, the Overtake is constructed with a new material called Koroyd that absorbs more energy upon impact than traditional EPS foam and is fully breathable allowing for increased ventilation. The Aerocore design is crafted to allow for increased airflow, improve temperature regulation, less air drag and improved aerodynamics. It’s not the lightest helmet on the market (250 g), but does provide greater impact protection, including the Mips (multi-directional impact protection system).

Stay tuned as Smith is scheduled to launch the Overtake in the fall. Check out the details.

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