Flat Bike Lift

Introducing the super efficient Flat Bike Lift overhead rack. If your bikes are relegated to the garage you know exactly how much wasted space is consumed by bikes leaning on or mounted against walls. Ceiling mounts are also great, but only if you have the abundant space. The Flat Bike Lift is a ingenious idea that utilizes all that wasted overhead space without impeding your vehicle or anything below. Once you load and lock your bike into place it’s as simple as an upward push of the handle and the hydro-pneumatic system lifts your bike into a horizontal position against the ceiling. A simple downward pull and the system lowers the bike into vertical position ready to be unloaded. Unlike some of the other bike racks, the Flat Bike Lift is designed for any type of bike and can be installed in any type of garage. No need to worry about your excessively heavy fatbike as you can modify the system with the optional attachments.

Available through Amazon.