Solid Denim Sunglasses by Mosevic


Time to wear-in a pair of Solid Denim Sunglasses by Mosevic. Denim has been changing cultural trends for generations, and now this coveted material will evolve the optical market. After 4 years of perfecting the process and over a 1000 prototypes, these new glasses are finally ready for public consumption. Each pair is carefully handmade in England.  Multiple layers of denim are soaked in resin creating a new material Mosevic calls ’Solid Denim’. Built for exceptional comfort and style, the frames are sanded and molded for optimal shape resulting in 3 layers of denim on the thinnest parts of the arms and up to 10 layers on the thickest parts. Like your favorite pair of jeans, these glasses will continue to feed your denim addiction.

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