The MOTOTRBO SL300 will keep you connected on-and-off the field. Unless you own a trained Homing Pigeon, the old two-way radio will instantly become your best friend when the “no service” sign appears on your phone. Long forgotten by most companies, Motorola has spent some quality R&D bringing this old tech up-to-date. Winner of the 2015 Red Dot Design award for product design, the new MOTOTROBO SL300 is a complete evolution from the standard radios you’ve used in the past. For starters, the active view display consists of a matrix of small LED lights housed behind the super durable, shatter proof exterior shell. It’s ultra portable, roughly the size of an iPhone 6 but a touch thicker, and made to take a beating regardless the condition. Long gone are those fragile dials and buttons, the simple and intuitive rocker controls allow for ease of use and maximum protection. It features both analog and digital capabilities, voice announcement, dual capacity direct mode and a Lithium Ion battery rechargeable by micoUSB with a lifespan of about 12-15 hours. You can also forget about those ridiculously long antennas, the MOTORBO stubby patented antenna will give you enhanced range without draining your battery.

Check-out Motorola for more details and the list of preferred sales partners.