Tannus Tire

The art of changing flats will be long forgotten with the Tannus Tubeless Tires. We’ve all had those countless blow-outs and slow-leaks resulting in the dreaded tube replacement chore. To add to the chore, the weight of carrying the patch kit, extra tube, and the overly heavy air pump is always an unnecessary strain. Yea, you can use CO2 cartridges and those trendy gadgets, but nothing comes close to an ultra light tubeless tire. The solid Tannus tire is made from a patented Aither technology that can withstand nails, glass, screws, and everything else you can throw at it. Don’t worry about getting any special rims, the Tannus mounts directly to all clincher type rims, and is on average lighter than the typical tube and tire combo. The Tannus is an all-season tire made for any conditions, and provides effective shock absorption/comfort, mimicking a 90psi or 110psi equivalent.

Leave your tire tools at home, and get your set of tubeless tires directly from Tannus or Wiggle.

Tannus Tubeless TiresTannus Tubeless TiresTannus Tubeless Tires