TIAN Walnut Bike Rack

Give your bike a rest with the Mikili TIAN Bike Rack. If you don’t have the luxury of your own garage, or don’t trust the communal bike locker, storing a bike in a small space can be quite the ordeal. Meet the TIAN by Mikili, a wall mounted commuter/single speed bike rack that doubles as a key shelf or gear drawer. Rarely it’s the bike that causes the issues, it’s all your gear and EDC that gets left on the kitchen table. The TIAN is finished in solid walnut, MDF white drawer and features a push-to-open mechanism system. The recessed notch securely holds the bike in place without scratching it thanks to the natural felt inlay. This ultra-minimal rack will proudly showcase your prized possession, and serve as the perfect storage space with or without your bike.

Choose from four wood combinations and available directly from Mikili.

Mikili TIAN Walnut Bike RackMikili TIAN Walnut Bike RackMikili TIAN Walnut Bike Rack