Bliss Mobil


Freedom is literally at your finger tips with the Bliss Mobil. There are many challenges in exploring that can take you in the wrong direction. Bliss Mobil have come up with 6 truck-independent models that are solely focused in getting you going in the right direction. For starters, their design is solely focused around a super cool container concept that fits all types of trucks with wheel bases ranging from 3250 mm to 4800 mm, allowing for the ever important choice of rig (as we all know how important your vehicle loyalty is). Bliss Mobil containers range in a variety of sizes from the monstrous 23′ (which has enough room for 4-6 of your buddies), to their compact 11′, perfect for 2 people. Whether you go large or small, each Bliss Mobil container is one serious bullet proof (no, not literally, but you get the idea) durable, self-supporting engineered marvel. The 13′ (one of our fav’s), features gear like 270 L water tanks, motorbike/luggage carrier, 4 solar panels, battery bank, 60 L freezer; along with numerous other travel comforts, all enough to keep you on the move for 30 days. Bliss Mobil have thought of everything when it comes to their global travelers, including moving from port to port. Each design is incredibly well thought out and strong (a self supporting steel frame), allowing for transport in a single 20 ft container, or better yet, together with your vehicle in a 40ft shipping container. If you ever have the funds and the shit hits the fan, or looking for a back country Alaskan adventurer, Bliss Mobil will keep you as far from civilization as possible.

To find out more about the vehicles check out Bliss Mobil or if your the adventure seeking type check out the Bliss Experience.